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We are farmers with 15+ years of direct marketing experience.
We understand the unique challenges of direct marketing.

With over 10 years of experience in direct-marketing, we understand the challenges that farms face. Our farm (Seven Sons Farms) has been direct marketing grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork, poultry and other products since 2000. One of the biggest hurdles we faced was finding a website and shopping cart software that would allow us to sell the way we required. We needed to sell products by the weight, take payment after an order was packed, allow our customers to order for pickup locations, and much more. There were services out there might address one or two of these needs, but nothing that provided a complete solution.

Built for farmers by farmers.

We realized our farm required a tailored solution. So we worked hand-in-hand with a developer over two years and created what is now GrazeCart. Every aspect of GrazeCart was built from the ground-up to meet the specific needs of farms and direct marketers.

Our own farm runs on GrazeCart.

We've processed over a million dollars in sales and served over 10,000 customers. We are constantly making updates and adding new features as our own direct-marketing bussiness grows. GrazeCart is more than just a software business to us, it also drives our first passion: providing nutrient-dense foods to our community.

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Blaine Hitzfield
CEO / Founder
Blaine has over 15 years of experience in direct marketing grass-fed beef and pasture-raised foods. Blaine conceived the idea of GrazeCart when he realized the need that his own family's farm had when it came to direct-marketing grassfed beef online. Blaine's skills in marketing have served as an integral part in helping Seven Sons Farms develop a highly successful direct marketing business. At Seven Sons, Blaine is responsible for overseeing daily marketing and distribution activities. He enjoys sharing the Seven Sons story by speaking to consumer and producer groups and consulting other direct marketers. Blaine has written for Allan Nation's Stockman Grass Farmer and serves on the board of the Grassfed Exchange.
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Brooks Hitzfield
COO / Founder
Brooks uses GrazeCart on a daily basis as COO of Seven Sons Farms. He has several years of experiences in developing new buying clubs, acquiring new vendor accounts, managing fulfillment, delivery logistics, and customer support. Brooks knows better than anyone how GrazeCart can be used to streamline daily tasks. Brooks also handles all the GrazeCart onboarding, and loves helping farms through education and experience.

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Chad Graue
Marketing / Social Media

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