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Bulk Import Orders into QuickBooks

​Say goodbye to manually transferring your order data into Quickbooks. With this tool, you can easily import hundreds of orders with a few clicks.

If you need you're still manually transferring your GrazeCart transactions into your QuickBooks account, STOP! The process you're going to learn about in this post will save you from that monotonous headache.

Using a tool called Excel Transactions you can import hundreds of orders into Quickbooks using a CSV file. The best part is that Jake (Lead Developer) has built a tool into your GrazeCart account, that allows you to easily download a CSV file of your transactions in the exact format that QuickBooks needs.

Once it's setup, the whole process takes just a few clicks. Below is a complete walkthrough of the entire process!

Refresh the Steps:

  1. Download CSV from GrazeCart
  2. Upload & map CSV fields in Excel Transactions
  3. Review & import into QuickBooks

Links & Resources:

Download Excel Transactions

Excel Transactions Help/Support

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