Jake Ryan Smith

Updates to Filtering

We have made some major improvements to filtering reports in GrazeCart. This is a big change to a feature you probably use every day, so we wanted to give you a preview of what to expect.

So what are the big improvements?


We’ll be honest, we hadn’t paid a lot of attention to how GrazeCart worked on mobile devices. But we are now happy to say that GrazeCart is WAY more mobile friendly. In fact, the mobile experience is almost identical to the desktop. Filtering your reports on your mobile device now works the way you'd expect.

More room for your data

Your data is what you actually care about, so it deserves as much screen real-estate as possible.  Now your reports will fill the full width of your screen, allowing you to see more of your data, as well as making room for adding additional columns in the future.

Clearly see what filters are applied

This is my favorite improvement. Now all the applied filters are clearly displayed right above the search results.  No more confusion about which filters were applied and which ones weren’t. And best of all: the applied filters will show up on printed reports.

Save filters for quick access

Ok, this one might actually be my favorite. Now you can save any filter combination for later use. If you have a set of filters you apply on a regular basis this could save you a ton of time. 

I recorded a quick video showing off these updates. Take a look here: 

I really think you will like these improvements. We plan to release this update this Sunday night.


- Jake

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