Changelog Aug 2019

  • Customize Payment Method Labels
    Now you can customize the labels of the payment methods. So for example instead of "Pay at Pickup" it could say "Pay in Person".
  • Fixed Itemized Products On Packing List
    Bug Fix
    Now products that are set to be itemized on packing lists will actually show as itemized.
  • Added the "Seven Sons" Packing List
    New Feature!
    Now everyone can use the unique packing list Seven Sons Farms has been tweaking and perfecting over the last several months. You can update it from Settings / Orders / Packing List Style.
  • Added option for pre-orders
    New Feature!
    You can now easily take pre-orders by assigning a product to its own pickup location. When a customer wants to purchase this product they will be taken to a new checkout flow just for that product. By assigning to a location, you can control which email templates are sent when the custom completes checkout.
  • Added Stock-out Inventory Report
    New Feature!
    There is new report called "Stock-out " that will show you all products that have met there stock-out threshold. The stock-out threshold can be set on each product that you track inventory on. By default it's set to 0, but you can make this any number you like. Setting it higher than zero is a great way to know what products to re-order before they run out.
  • Keep store submenus open
    When navigating the store if the customer opens a submenu that submenu will stay open if they navigate out of the store and come back.
  • Tax rates are now entered as percentages instead of decimals.
    This is a simple change, but now when entering a tax rate for a location or zone you just enter the percentage instead of having to convert it to decimal format.
  • Better formatting for recipe times
    If a recipe prep or cook time is over 60 minutes it will now show the total hours plus minutes.
  • Send event to Drip when order is canceled
    When a customer cancels an order an event title "Order canceled" will be sent to your connected Drip account. This event will include the order number and total.
  • Added option to hide an individual page from public access
    New Feature!
    Under a page's general settings there is a new visibility section where you can either mark a page as public (the default) or mark it as Admin Only. This is helpful for when working on a draft of a new page and you aren't ready for it to be live.
  • Added an option to mark pay at pickup payments as paid with a credit card
    There is now a "Credit card (Offline)" option, in addition to cash and check, when adding a pay at pickup payment. This can be used to track when someone pays with a credit card at pickup or anywhere besides online on your website.
  • Added basic default styling for MailChimp embedded forms
    MailChimp's embedded forms will now automatically inherit some basic styling to match with your site's theme better.
  • Add 3rd party embed codes without modification
    Now you can just paste in any embed codes into an HTML or Rich Text widget without needing to extract the <script> and <style> tags.
  • Disabled auto-switching delivery zones.
    Before if a customer entered an address at checkout that was not in the delivery zone they were ordering for, it would automatically switch them to the next matching zone to that address. This caused a lot of unforeseen issues so now it just alerts the customer and they have the option to update their delivery preference.

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