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What is GrazeCart

GrazeCart is an all-in-one solution for farms wanting to sell their products directly to the consumer.  At its core, GrazeCart provides your farm with an online shopping cart where your customers can order your products for pickup or shipping. Along with the shopping cart, GrazeCart also provides a number tools for managing orders, customers, pickup locations, pickup schedules, and much more.

Built from the ground-up with the small family farm in mind, every aspect of GrazeCart is designed with intentionality to help farms take control of their own marketing. 

Who is GrazeCart for?

GrazeCart is ideal for any farm wanting to sell products directly to their customers via pickup locations (buying clubs) or shipping. It's also helpful for farms needing to sell products with varying weights such as cuts of steak. 

GrazeCart has powered farms that are serving over 4,000 customers and has helped farms across the nation from Washington to New York. 

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