Scale Your Food Business

Enterprise level features that enable growth

Website Builder

Fully integrated on every device

✔️Seamlessly integrated into your shopping cart

✔️Professional 'drag & drop' editor

✔️Unlimited custom pages

✔️Blog & recipe builder

✔️Advanced SEO tools

Sell by Weight

Perfect for Produce, Meat, Seafood, etc. 

Accurately provide 'estimates' at checkout ✔️
Weighted items identified on pick-list ✔️
Auto notify customers of final price ✔️
Auto-calculate final price ✔️


Sell via Pickup Locations

Perfect for Produce, Meat, Seafood, etc.

✔️Auto-generated pickup point map
✔️Fully flexible delivery schedules
✔️Automated deadline-reminder emails
✔️Pickup proposal tool to grow new locations

Sell via Shipping

Tools built specifically for perishable deliveries

Set regional delivery zones ✔️
Customizable delivery fees ✔️
Setup unique pricing tiers for certain areas ✔️
Zip-code registration to determine serviceability ✔️
Make certain products available for shipping ONLY ✔️


Sell via Wholesale

Keep everything on one platform

✔️ Create discounted wholesale Pricing Groups
✔️ Create 'wholesale-only' products
✔️ Automate order reminder emails
✔️ Bulk-print/email invoices, pick-list, labels, etc. 

Manage Inventory

Auto-updates in real-time

Auto tracks on orders, modifications, cancellations, etc. ✔️
Create shared inventory for bundles & variety boxes ✔️
Stock-out reporting to monitor low-inventory items ✔️
Inventory reporting to track costs ✔️


Direct Integrations

Unlock new possibilities

CSV Integration Guides

Export GrazeCart data to connect with any tool that enables CSV imports.

Aaand the list goes on:

Every time I wish they had a feature, the next thing I know it's there, or it was always there and I just didn't know where to find it.
Dave Shields | Pastured Life Farms Dave Shields | Pastured Life Farms

Website Builder

✔️Blog manager included

✔️Recipe manager included

✔️Create dynamic content based on login status

✔️Auto-optimized for mobile devices

✔️Embed products on custom pages

✔️Access to HTML & CSS

Products & Store

✔️Shop by Category, Vendor, Protocols & Tags

✔️Customize Store Layout, Colors, & Category Photos

✔️Customize SEO for Products, Categories, & Pages

✔️Pre-Order Only Items

✔️Create SKU System

✔️Require Zip / Account to View Site/Store/Price

Sales & Promotions


✔️Automated Referral-Links

✔️Registration Incentive Program


✔️Issue Customer Credit

✔️Announcement Banner

✔️Private Landing / Sales Pages

Order Management

✔️Bulk Generate Pick-List, Invoices & Labels

✔️Customize Item Sorting on Pick-List

✔️Export Via CSV (orders, customers, products, etc.)

✔️Customize Sales / Pick Reports

✔️Create Bulk/Variety Boxes

✔️Bulk Update Products & Inventory

Pricing & Payments

✔️Take Credit Card Payments (2.9% + $0.30/transaction)

✔️Take Offline Payments

✔️Issue Full & Partial Refunds

✔️Auto Email Payment Receipts

✔️One-Click Ordering

✔️Assign Custom Pricing to Locations/Zones/Customers

Pickup & Deliveries 

✔️Auto select closest pickup by zip code

✔️Select from multiple pickup dates at checkout

✔️Customers can arange pickup dates

✔️Custom email templates per location/delivery zone

✔️Exclude products from certain locations/zones

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