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Meat & Seafood

Grow online and save a few headaches with a platform built for your business

✓ Sell by Weight       ✓ Regionally Shipping       ✓ Curbside Pickup

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GrazeCart is built by food producers for food producers

✓ Access to a highly skilled team who understands your business

✓ Optional implementation support to streamline migration & setup

✓ Robust knowledge-base & eCommerce training guides

✓ Peer-to-peer community forum for clients ONLY 

Sell by Weight

Perfect for hard to portion cuts

Accurately provide 'estimates' at checkout ✓

Weighted items identified on pick-list ✓

Auto notify & charge final price ✓


Regional Shipping

Tailor product selection & pricing by region

✓ Set regional delivery zones 

✓ Customize product offering by zone

✓ Customizable delivery fees & pricing by zone

✓ Zip-code registration to determine serviceability

Curbside Pickup

Setup convenient drop points, or in-store pickup

Auto-generated pickup point map ✓

Fully flexible delivery schedules & order windows ✓

Automated deadline-reminder emails ✓

Pickup proposal tool to grow new locations ✓


Inventory & Fulfillment

This is where the time-savings really comes in!

✓ Real-time inventory on orders, modifications, cancellations, etc

✓ Create items that share inventory (great for variety boxes)

✓ Reporting for sales, picking, low-stock & inventory costs

✓ Bulk generate pick-list, invoices & order labels

✓ Custom item-sorting on pack-list to optimize picking

Amazing. You guys have helped transform our business. You're doing great work for those who are trying raise quality food and get it to the public.
Liz Cunningham | Cunningham Pastured Meats Liz Cunningham | Cunningham Pastured Meats
You’ve been a huge help by paving the way through so many obstacles and acting as a roadmap of how to get started.
David Boatright | Fed From The Farm David Boatright | Fed From The Farm

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