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Tired of websites that don't work?

Your time & money is too valuable to waste on web platforms that don't get results. Join hundreds of food producers that are using GrazeCart to scale!


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✔ 10,000,000 pounds of product sold
✔ 30,000 consumers served
✔ $56,000,000 put into the pockets of users

Because we primarily sell at farmers markets, our online sales through GrazeCart have seen a 350% increase in the last two weeks! Thank you for everything you have created for farms around the world.
Tim Clarkson | Grove Ladder Farm Tim Clarkson | Grove Ladder Farm
The tutorials and opportunities have really been a game changer. We have seen a 500% growth in business in the last month and we would have never been able to make it through without the GrazeCart platform
Ryan MacKay | Lilac Hedge Farm Ryan MacKay | Lilac Hedge Farm
We are thankful everyday that we chose GrazeCart as our website platform and now more than ever as we're experiencing an unprecedented increase in sales and demand for our product.
Joy & Rick Stephens | 6S Family Farm Joy & Rick Stephens | 6S Family Farm

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Enterprise software that will make your competitors wonder how you do it!

   "We had met Blaine and his father, Lee, when they shared the  story of their marketing model at the Grassfed Exchange... We  knew it was exactly what we needed. This contact proved to be  crucial for the success of our direct-marketing business."

- Gabe Brown | Dirt to Soil




Shipping Webinar

Learn the 3 key ingredients for launching a successful perishable shipping/delivery program, WITHOUT breaking the bank!

"So worth the time. We are blessed to have signed up with GrazeCart. It has been so good for our business."

- Manny Encinias | April 24th Attendee

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