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GrazeCart is also a fully featured shopping cart platform built to help farms that direct market. GrazeCart allows you to tell your farm's story, set up pickup locations and shipping zones, take pre-orders online, sell product by the weight, communicate with your customers, take multiple payment methods, and much more.

Tell your farm's story
Your customer's want to know where their food comes from. Tell your farm's story with a website that is mobile-friendly, easy to customize, and looks professional.
Take online orders
Start taking pre-orders for your farm store, pickup locations, farmers market, or home delivery. Your customers can easily search your products by category, protocols or vendor.
Pickup or shipping
List your on-farm-store, buying clubs, home delivery zones, or farmers markets as options your customers can order for. All your locations are listed on a beautiful map making it easy for your customers to find their closest option.
Expand your market
One of the challenges for any farm when selling direct-to-consumer is establishing new pickup locations. Our Pickup Proposals tool helps your farm aggregate leads and turn them into productive locations.
Make it your own
Easily customize the look of your farm's website with our easy-to-use theme editor. Choose your fonts, colors and logo. And if you know CSS and HTML you can customize nearly every detail.
Sell by weight or package
Selling your products by the weight is easy. Individual product weights can later be adjusted on each order, and the customer can be charged after the final total is calculated.
Control your schedule
Create unlimited schedules for your pickups or deliveries, create order deadlines and schedule automated reminders. You have full control over when your customers can order.
With built-in emailing tools, it's easy to communicate with your customers about upcoming order deadlines or if you will be late to a pickup.
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