The Hiring Pipeline

The Hiring Pipeline

"You don't build a business, – you build people – and then the people build the business."
- Zig Ziglar

As some of you know, I work with six other brothers at our pasture-based farm, Seven Sons. We direct market pasture-raised meats and eventually, our business outgrew the family and we began hiring our first team members.

At the time this post was written, there are about 30 staff members on payroll and as we approached that number we found ourselves spending a painful amount of time with recruiting and hiring help. 

There's advertising on job boards, applicant tracking, reviewing resumes, and finally interviewing. Not to mention the long process of onboarding & training 😐.

After a few years of this, we decided it was time to get help. One of our mentors & business coaches (yes, we hired a business coach which is a story of its' own 😅), revealed to us the recruiting & hiring system he'd used to grow multiple high-growth companies.

When we implemented some of the principles & tools we'd learned, not only did it save us a ton of man-hours, we instantly saw an increase in the QUALITY of candidates we had to choose from.

In the video above I reveal some of those principles & tools lead to that transformation, with the goal to save you the painful mistakes & wasted time we've spent on hiring.


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Brooks Hitzfield
Brooks Hitzfield
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