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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I setup GrazeCart myself?

Yes, GrazeCart has a drag & drop web-builder and back-end administrative panel for tailoring the online store. Self-service setup is the best way for startups to save on costs.

Can I use my own web-domain?

Yes! When you start your 14-day trial, you'll be given a free-subdomain to use, but this can easily be replaced with your own custom domain. Learn more.

Do I have to use GrazeCart for my website?

We highly recommend using GrazeCart's web-builder because this will achieve the best results for SEO; however, you can keep your existing website and only utilize GrazeCart's online store.

Is GrazeCart only for operations at scale?

While established businesses see the most immediate return from GrazeCart, we love working with ambitious startups that want to launch online with a tool built for their industry.

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