November 16, 2021
Looking for a great example of an operation that's scaled completely from scratch? In this interview, we unpack Jordan and Laura Green's story and the key ingredients that have led to their success.

If you dream about scaling a viable farming enterprise, you will benefit from being introduced to this couple.
November 4, 2021
In today’s episode, Blaine and I discuss the three critical questions to ask before expanding your workforce!

Many businesses struggle to know when to hire? Should they hire? What tasks should they be delegating to avoid burnout? We share a simple framework to help give you a greater level of confidence when making these decisions.
October 21, 2021
Did you know there are shipping alternatives to the UPS/FedEx duopoly?

In today's episode, Blaine and Brooks share their experience working with regional carriers and the potential upside they provide vs the nationwide options.
October 6, 2021
Rolling out a much-needed price increase, but aren't sure how your customers will take it?

In this episode, we share a formula you can use to communicate major price changes in a way that will maintain trust with your customers (vs deteriorate it).
September 23, 2021
Listen and learn as we sit down with Dr. Allen Williams to discuss the importance of quality grassfed meat, soil health, plant species diversity, and more!
September 8, 2021
We're officially building a robust subscription module to accompany GrazeCart's eCommerce platform!

This has been nearly a year in the making, and we've decided to record an official announcement video to share more about what to expect, as well as what makes our approach to subscriptions unique.
August 26, 2021
How to scale your business by increasing product turnover. The final episode of a three-part series called the Three Levers of Profit.

Watch or listen for tangible tactics on increasing AOV, customers LTV, and more!
August 11, 2021
A small improvement to gross margin can have a HUGE profit impact on established businesses. E.g. a 5% margin improvement for a $1M business will double your profit.

This episode is all about margin-boosting tips to help you discover the compounding impact a healthy margin can have on your business.
July 29, 2021
An episode that is all about how to free up low productive capital, to re-invest in high growth activities.
July 13, 2021
No matter your business type, or what industry you're in, there are only three core ways to improve your year-end profit. 1. Increase gross product, 2. Increase turnover, 3. Reduce overheads.

Learn how each one works, as well as how to identify your weakest link!
July 1, 2021
Hear Will Harris of White Oaks Pastures discuss the business side of their farm & direct marketing operations. From where all they sell their products, to how they're using an open-door policy to build a strong connection with their customers.
June 17, 2021
As the marketplace becomes more and more competitive, it's critical that you break through the noise and build meaningful relationships with your customers.

We do this in email marketing with your copy-writing ability. Learn three simple tips that'll make it more likely that your customers will open and read what you have to say!

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